A Rocket League bot made in Python using GoslingUtils

Molten was my third bot for Rocket League. All of my bots work using the RLBot framework, which is a framework for making and playing with these bots. The RLBot framework also has direct support from Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League. My first bot isn't on this site, as it was my first ever Python project, and was pretty bad. BroccoliBot, my second bot, is here however! That bot was also made using GoslingUtils, like this bot.

GoslingUtils are a set of coding utilities that gives you a template to make a bot for Rocket League. Unlike my last bot with GoslingUtils, I edited the utilities for this bot quite a bit. I added my own code for calculating hits using 3D math, and for measuring how long it would take to drive to a location. I also added aerials using code from another set of utilities (VirxERLU).

Along with adding to the utilities, I also developed a complex strategy for Molten, including giving it the ability to communicate with its teammates using TMCP (only in 3v3). Molten performed fairly well in the competitions I submitted it to. For example, Molten was ranked 5th out of 41 bots by the end of East's League Play Season 1 back in 2021! Since then, bots have gotten a lot better, and I moved on from Molten. But it was good for the time!

You can watch Molten play in this video, where I pit my friends against Molten, as well as BroccoliBot. It is worth noting however that the version of Molten in the video is not the best version of Molten. If you want to play against the best version of Molten yourself, you can install the RLBotGUI and play against it by following this video.