My YouTube channel, created in 2013, currently has
subscribers. I upload many types of videos. Most of these videos followed a similar format, where the viewers would pick a side to cheer for in a game that would play itself throughout the video. Often these games were marble races, but I made up many other gamemodes as well.

At first, I'd make these games in a physics program called Algodoo. However, as my interest in programming grew through scripting in Algodoo, my interest in these videos began to fade. That's when I created and switched to my second channel, now named CodeRed2, which currently has
subscribers. This channel focused more on my programming interests, including tutorials and videos on my Unity games. However, after a while, I decided to switch back to my main channel, as it felt wrong leaving my channel with
subscribers behind.

Nowadays, I make many types of videos. Some of them adhere to the original format that made my channel popular, but now made in Unity, as a way of showing my game design and programming skills. I also make videos on other projects, such as my Rocket League bots. My YouTube channel is not in its peak anymore, but I'm glad I have a place to show my projects to the world. Check me out by clicking the logo above!