A Rocket League bot made in Python using GoslingUtils

RLBot Championship 2022

BroccoliBot was my second bot for Rocket League. My first bot isn't on this site, as it was my first ever Python project, and was pretty bad. All of my bots work using the RLBot framework, which is a framework for making and playing with these bots. The RLBot framework also has direct support from Psyonix, the creators of Rocket League.

BroccoliBot was made using GoslingUtils, which are a set of coding utilities that gives you a template to make a bot for Rocket League. This allowed me to focus more on developing the strategy for my bot, which I put a lot of effort into. BroccoliBot can play competently with any number of teammates/opponents, although it plays best in 3v3, as that was the gamemode it was primarly designed for. In addition to the strategy, I did add a bit of code to the utilities, most notably adding basic aerials into BroccoliBot.

BroccoliBot has performed fairly well in many different competitions. It's best performance was qualifying for the 2022 RLBot Championship, beating out 20 other bots to make it into the top 8. BroccoliBot ended up placing last in the finals, but considering BroccoliBot was 2 years old at that point, it was quite impressive!

You can watch BroccoliBot play in this video, where I pit my friends against BroccoliBot, as well as Molten. It is worth noting however that the version of BroccoliBot in the video is not the best version of BroccoliBot. If you want to play against the best version of BroccoliBot yourself, you can install the RLBotGUI and play against it by following this video.