Death in Strange Places
A 2D platformer puzzle game created in Unity for the Game Jam 2022, with music created by Keegan Clark.
This game was made in 10 days for the 2022 game jam. This was the second game jam I had ever competed in, and I was optimistic since I did fairly well in my first game jam, and this game jam was giving me more time than that one did. Although this jam wasn't really competitive. It only ranked games in specific categories, and not overall, so this was mainly just for my own self-improvment. The theme for this jam was "Death is only the beginning". Quite the interesting prompt.

Unlike my previous jam game, I didn't have an immediate idea come to me. So during the first few days, I was kinda going a bit slow. I knew I wanted to use Unity's URP 2D lights, as I thought they looked really cool, so I spent some time figuring out how to use them. Along the way, I ended up having to change the 2D shadow casters in Unity's URP, as they seemed to have a bug where shadows would stop appearing on objects if they were scaled and placed too far away.

The idea I ended up settling on was platforming using your dead bodies, which ended up being grave stones. Not an entirely original idea, as many people in the jam did a very similar thing, but I had some of my own twists to it. For example, the grave stones would break when you stood on them for too long. I ended up having just enough time to make 6 levels for the game. The music for the game was created by Keegan Clark, who contribued two tracks for the game.

In the end, I'd consider the game a success. This game jam didn't have an overall rating system, so I'm not sure how it placed overall. However, it did recieve pretty good feedback, although most people thought the game was way too hard. Which is understandable. You can judge the game for yourself by checking it out on, or you can see the code for the game on github.