A 3D top down arcade style beat-em-up game created in Unity for the ScoreSpace Game Jam #18, with music created by Keegan Clark.
This game was made in 3 days for the 18th ScoreSpace jam. This was the first game jam I had ever competed in, so I was a bit scared that 3 days would not be enough time for me.

The theme for this jam was magnetic, and I quickly got attached to the idea of someone using a magnet as a weapon to magnetize bullets and other weapons. Once I had the idea in place, I started feverishly working on gameplay. The music for the game was created by Keegan Clark, who contribued two tracks for the game. As per the requirements of the ScoreSpace game jam, I also implemented a highscore system, and an online leaderboard for the game using LootLocker.

In the end, the game ended up placing 8th/123 games! Which I was very happy with as my first game jam game. You can check out the code for the game on github, play it on, or watch the video on this page for a more in-depth look at how it was made.