Beast Hunter
A 2D beast hunting game created in Unity for the ScoreSpace Game Jam #23. Made in collaboration with Golden Disguise, Bluthardt, and Keegan Clark.
This game was made in 3 days for the 23rd ScoreSpace jam. This was the third Scorespace jam I had competed in, and the second one in which I was collaborating with my friends! Just like that game, Golden Disguise was helping with ideas for the game, and also created all of the art used in the game. The theme for this jam was survival, and the idea to make a beast hunting game came from Golden Disguise. After deciding on the idea for the game, we got to work.

As per the requirements of the ScoreSpace game jam, I implemented a highscore system, which would keep track of the number of days alive, and an online leaderboard using LootLocker. The music for the game was created by both Bluthardt and Keegan Clark, who each contribued tracks for the game. In the end, the game ended up placing 9th/139 games! Which we were pretty happy with. We also worked on updating the game with some new content, which we released a few months later.