A 2D platformer speedrunner created in Unity for the ScoreSpace Game Jam #21. Made in collaboration with Golden Disguise, Bluthardt, and Keegan Clark.
This game was made in 3 days for the 21st ScoreSpace jam. This was the second Scorespace jam I had competed in, and the first one in which I was collaborating with my friends! The main collaborator was Golden Disguise, who helped with ideas for the game, and also created all of the art used in the game. The game's music was created by Bluthardt and Keegan Clark.

The theme for the jam was bounce, and my initial idea was a game where you die if you stop bouncing. However, the game evolved far past that, and turned into a fast-paced platformer with a focus on speedrunning. As per the requirements of the ScoreSpace game jam, I implemented an online leaderboard for the game using LootLocker, which would keep track of player's best speedrun times. In the end, the game placed 3rd/67 games! Which was way better than I thought we'd do, since the game was definitely on the difficult end.

I also ended up hosting a speedrunning competition between friends, which lead to the discovery of many speedrunning techniques. The some of the first complete runs of the game took over an hour, but the world record ended up being under 3 minutes. If you want to try beating the world record, you can check out the game on You can also watch the video on this page for a more detailed account of the game's creation.