A Rocket League Airshow.

Rocket League Airshow 2021

In 2020, the YouTuber Rocket Sledge hosted the first ever Rocket League Airshow. This competition challenged Rocket League botmakers to make extravagant aerial shows using their bot-making skills for $1000! And in 2021, the Rocket League Airshow returned, and I decided to participate.

However, it took me a bit to come to that decision. In fact, by the time I signed up, there was only a month until the due-date, when I should've had two months. But I decided to do it anyway. The code from the submissions to the previous airshows was made open-source, so I was allowed to look at the code and take some inspiration, as long as I didn't copy entire segments. So I got started learning how to code this thing in Python.

I used some hover code from a previous airshow submission, Awakening, and some airdribble code shared publicly by someone on the RLBot discord. Other than that, everything was my own code. And not only did I have to code all the aerial manuevers, but I also had to film and edit the entire piece to music. Now is probably a good time to mention that my competition were mostly teams of several people, with dedicated video editors and programmers. I was one of two people doing this thing solo.

So, I worked, and I worked. I even decided to make a custom Rocket League map for a part of my airshow, although it was super simple to create. I somehow managed to submit my airshow in time. In the end, there were only three other submissions apart from mine. And in the end, my submission got 3rd/4th, only losing to the two submissions who had teams of people working on them, so I was really pleased! And, bonus, I won $200 for getting 3rd!

You can check out my submission on YouTube, Github, or just check out the entire 2021 Rocket League Airshow. The other submissions were amazing as well!